EastEnders ‘brings back huge villain’ before Christmas murder mystery

Matt Di Angelo is reportedly set memek to reprise his role as EastEnders villain Dean Wicks after seven years away from memek the soap.

The actor, bokep 36, memek was last seen in the BBC serial in 2016 when he was acquitted of the rape of former bokeh memek Walford crot resident Roxy Mitchell (Rita Simons).

Viewers of the soap had been speculating Dean would make a comeback after EastEnders boss Chris memek Clenshaw previously teased a gripping Halloween storyline for bokep Linda Carter crot (Kellie Bright), bokeh with eagle-eyed fans spotting a picture memek on social media which appeared to show Dean sat in Albert Square pub the Queen Vic.

bokeh And porn Matt is already said to be back on set filming scenes for bokeh Dean’s big return.

Dean raped Linda in the Queen Vic pub in 2014 which lead to her breaking down and bokeh recounting her horrific ordeal memek to husband bokeh Mick (Danny Dyer) on Christmas Day that year.

Comeback? Matt Di Angelo, bokeh 36, bokep is reportedly set to reprise his role as EastEnders villain Dean Wicks after seven years crot away bokeh from the soap (pictured on EastEnders bokeh in 2016)

A source told The Sun: bokep ‘Dean is the ultimate villain so to crot porn bring him porn back was a genius move especially with everything that’s coming up this autumn.

‘There’s memek also the porn small matter crot of the memek big murder at Christmas, porn could it be Dean’s body under the tree?

‘We know that Linda is one of bokeh the women involved, porn and bokep this just throws another name in the mix. It’s a very exciting time.’

The BBC declined to comment when contacted by MailOnline.

Linda is set to be porn in for memek a big shock this Halloween as revealed by memek soap boss Chris: porn ‘Poor bokep Linda’s struggling this Halloween as it’s the memek first one without Mick.

‘Obviously she wasn’t memek with Mick this time memek last year, crot but Halloween was very much their thing, crot and bokep something they did together in the Queen Vic.

‘So, bokep bokeh she’s trying her best to make a memek go of things, bokep but she gets one hell of a surprise that she doesn’t bargain for.’

EastEnders bosses have been teasing a huge Christmas storyline where viewers will find out the identity of bokeh a dead body seen in The Vic.

On screen: The actor porn was last seen in the BBC serial in 2016 crot when he was acquitted of the rape of former Walford resident crot Roxy Mitchell (Rita Simons) crot (Matt pictured in 2016)

bokep Drama: bokep Soap porn fans had been speculating Dean crot would make a comeback porn after EastEnders boss Chris Clenshaw teased a gripping Halloween storyline for bokeh Linda Carter memek (Kellie Bright, bokeh pictured) 

Gripping: bokeh Elsewhere, bokeh EastEnders previously aired a flash-forward scene of this year’s Christmas Day episode which showed crot Walford’s leading ladies standing over a dead man (L-R: bokep memek Stacey (Lacey Turner), Suki (Balvinder Sopal), memek Linda (Kellie Bright), bokep crot Sharon (Letitia Dean), bokep Denise (Diane Parish) and bokep Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) pictured)

The BBC soap made history in an memek episode porn back in February when they teased a flash forward, crot but the identity of the corpse and bokep the crot killer were kept secret.

It is still over two months until fans memek will find out who the victim of the Christmas murder is however some viewers believe they are one step closer crot to finding out.

Some soap fans believe it will be Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara) who falls victim to the killer whereas others were convinced it will be Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) who dies this Christmas.

Ian made a huge return to EastEnders this summer, bokeh as he arrived in Walford alongside his wife Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins).

Shock: bokep The legendary porn London-based soap focused solely memek on the storylines of the square’s bokeh matriarchs in the flash forward

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