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The Großer Brombachsee extends in the northwest and covers giant elements of the municipal area. Look forward to fantastic sandy beaches, exemplary leisure facilities, glorious opportunities for crusing or browsing and chill out on a ship trip on Lake Altmühl or Brombachsee. Large parts of the southern and eastern half of the municipality are occupied by a forestless open landscape. Large parts of the southern and jap municipal area have parts of a wide open landscape with meadows, fields and just a few explicit person trees. Another 500 people have their second houses in Pleinfeld. Pleinfeld is positioned in the north of the Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen district within the a part of West Central Franconia generally known as Altmühlfranken, south of Nuremberg, northwest of Ingolstadt, north of Augsburg and southeast of Ansbach about halfway between Roth within the north and Weißenburg in Bavaria in the south. Pleinfeld is the fourth largest town in the Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen district and advantages from its handy location in terms of transport within the south of the Nuremberg metropolitan area on the connecting axis between Nuremberg and Augsburg. The Burgstall is situated 1,170 meters south-southwest of the middle of the municipality of Markt Berolzheim in the Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen district in Bavaria, Germany. Pleinfeld is a market within the Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen district in Central Franconia. As a consequence of its location in Central Europe, the Pleinfeld market has a humid, cool-temperate transitional climate that’s neither very continental nor very maritime.

Quite a lot of fish species present in Central Europe thrive in the waters, comparable to eels, pike, zander, lake trout, rainbow trout, catfish and coarse fish reminiscent of carp, tench, roach, rudd and bream. The so-referred to as Franconian Sand Axis was the title of a undertaking by several environmental associations to protect rare sand habitats alongside the Rednitz, Pegnitz and Regnitz. Attributable to its location, there is a danger of flooding in Pleinfeld alongside the Swabian Rezat and Arbach, especially within the winter months. Via Rangau it goes by way of Bürglein and Heilsbronn to Windsbach an der Rezat. Within the early Center Ages, the Swabian Rezat formed the border between the Sualafeldgau and the Nordgau. The border with the neighboring Roth district runs north. Before the municipal space and district reform, all components of the group aside from Veitserlbach and Regelsberg belonged to the Weißenburg district in Bavaria. The lakes and their banks are the property of the Free State of Bavaria. The west of the municipality lies within the foothills of thespalter hill country. The one-part castle stable is situated on a west-dealing with spur of the Weissenberg, which is a narrow mountain ridge orMountain spur is formed. The latter right was hindered by objections from the Principality of Ansbach, the Burgraviate of Nuremberg and the Imperial City of Weissenburg; The construction of town wall did not begin till 1540. This location concept was corrected in Might 2017 in order that the tutorial sciences should remain in Nuremberg; The remaining services of the School of Philosophy are still scheduled to move to the Raspberry Palace by 2023.

On Could 26, 2019, Stefan Frühwald (CSU) was elected as the brand new mayor. On January 10, 2019, he surprisingly announced his resignation at the end of February. The coldest month is January with a median of −0.1 °C, the warmest month is July with an average of 18.9 °C. On January 1, 1972, Mannholz, St. Veit and parts of the dissolved group of Dorsbrunn (excluding Tiefenbach) were added. In addition to their water management capabilities, both components of the lake additionally serve for native recreation. There are several protected areas resulting from nature conservation: 4 fauna-flora habitats, two landscape safety areas, two water protection areas and one chook safety area. The pinnacle of the shield and the bishop's employees changed from red to gold and silver; The crossing was alternately silver and black or silver and red, and in the 19th century it was silver and blue due to its membership in Bavaria. Pleinfeld's flag consists of two equal vertical stripes in purple and white; The coat of arms is depicted in the course of the flag. It was the coat of arms of the noble household “derer von Oefele” from the Nördlinger Ries, who will be found in Ramsberg in 1309.

With the incorporation of Ramsberg and components of the dissolved community of Thannhausen on Could 1, 1978, the sequence of incorporations was completed. ↑ Klaus Kiesel: Third brewery in Rettenberg opens in May. ↑ Engelbräu Rettenberg Hermann Widenmayer KGRettenbergDEU. ↑ A B Theodor Strobl, Franz Zunic: hydraulic engineering: Present fundamentals – new developments. ↑ Funding of the Excellence Initiative|Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg. ↑ Tobias Ott: Münchner Hofbräu and private brewery Aichach agree. ↑ Official directory for Bavaria, space stand on October 1, 1964 with statistical info from the 1961. Munich 1964, sp. The altar comes from the old Pfraunfeld church. Bischofsreut Freyung-Grafenau Kneipp facility straight on the Langreuter water trenches which might be created from the Sulzbach. In 1984 the coat of arms was found, from which the unique and as we speak’s colours emerge. The bishop’s rod signifies the Eichstätt Hochstift and is harking back to the long -lasting rule till the secularization in 1802. For a long time there was uncertainty about the colors of the coat of arms. In 1500 the place belonged to the Eichstätt Hochstift in the Franconian Reichskreis. In 1302 Pleinfeld came to the Eichstätt Hochstift. The municipal elements of Wurmmühle and Ketschenmühle alongside with the primary town of Pleinfeld kind a coherent settlement area that features around 4,500 inhabitants and thus over half of the inhabitants.

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